Big Beginnings!

It was not that long ago when the whole of FOCUS seemed smaller than what is now our leadership team – we are so tremendously grateful to God for the growth he has brought! Staff, student leaders and volunteers spent a weekend away mid-February to bond, plan, pray and build on our leadership skills as we thought through mission, God’s truth in our hearts and godliness. About three quarters of our leaders were able to come – we had about 40 student leaders and about 15 staff and volunteers attend!

After some busy orientation weeks on the different campuses we have settled into our first term with 40 Bible study groups – we have 6 training groups meeting weekly too to help equip our 60 leaders and co-leaders. Praise God for the opportunity to reach so many with his Word!

Part of what has helped us to expand our reach this year is the addition of new staff workers and interns. We welcome Justin and Carmen onto the Wits team; Sbu and Sonke onto the UJ Bunting team, Mpumelelo onto the UJ Kingsway team, Panganayi onto the Pearson Institute (formerly MGI) team, and Uno onto the Off-campus team. A number of new volunteers have also come on board to help grow the work. Thank God for willing hearts and hands willing to be used in this way.


Join us in thanking God for:

An encouraging weekend away with our leaders for 2018 – for their passion for Christ and willingness to serve.

For the growth of our ministry teams and the expansion of our reach, especially at Wits and our off-campus student work.

The ability to register and access each of the campuses – this hasn’t always been an easy task.

Please pray for:

Ongoing access to UJ Kingsway, which can prove tough at times.

Consistency with our leaders (and with their group members) as academic pressures take their toll – that they would come, connect and establish communities.

Bible study venues, especially for the off-campus residences and communes including in Westdene and The Richmond.

The work at Wits – there are great opportunities but there have also been great setbacks, it’s been quite a tough start.