Let Your Kingdom Come

We’re nearly midway through the second semester already! In some respects it feels like a fresh start after quite a long break, though we’re able to carry some momentum into it from the first semester. This makes July-August another intense period of restarting existing groups, connecting with new people and pushing our core on in their pursuit of Christ. We were blessed to have a short-term team from The Austin Stone serve alongside us during the last week of July. It gives us a few more hands on deck and allows us to hit the ground running! Pray that new contacts would be drawn into meaningful relationships, for consistent attendance as academic pressure takes its toll, and for our continuing witness on the campus.

Our small groups have continued in Luke’s Gospel. It’s been a challenging but edifying journey! As we witness the surprising breaking in of God’s kingdom into the present through Jesus’ ministry (Lk. 4:16-21), we’ve been hugely challenged by the kind of king he is and the nature of his kingdom. Jesus turns our expectations on their head! The humble, the poor and the weak are exalted, while the proud are judged. Though Jesus comes as the glorious king of an everlasting kingdom, he’s also a suffering servant (Lk. 9:20-22). His radical call of discipleship involves self-denial to the point of death; it looks like having our priorities reshaped by kingdom values; all with a view to the future glory we’ll enjoy at the fulfilment of the kingdom. Pray that those who’re part of these groups would see Jesus for who he is, grasp the nature of his kingdom and give him their wholehearted allegiance. Pray that as a community we increasingly live as citizens of his kingdom, crying “Let your kingdom come!” (Lk. 11:2)

Ultra Heights

Ultra Heights is a university tour that seeks to inspire the leaders of tomorrow with the gospel through music and talks. This year, we aimed to host a series of open air music events and conversations with Blaque Nubon and Lilly Million. Though we were unable to secure venues at Wits East Campus and UJ Kingsway Campus, we were able to host a few other worthwhile events. Praise God for great music that points to him.

Word Alive

Word Alive is an exciting new conference that was launched this year! It’s grown out of our passion for the God who reveals himself through his word. Our aim has been to dig deep in community and inspire others to do the same.

Nathan Lovell, who is on faculty at George Whitefield College, was our main speaker this year. He gave a series of talks from Isaiah that was accessible yet drove us deep. He was particularly helpful at equipping the group with tools to read the prophets and stirring up a desire to delve more deeply into Isaiah. The workshop slot was aimed at equipping students to be better handlers of God’s word, and grow their confidence in studying it themselves – it allowed us to put some tools to practice and was well received.

In addition, we ran a few electives. Andries Tsehle, a lecturer at Johannesburg Bible College, led a discussion on African Christianity. Tyrell Haag, a pastor at Heritage Baptist Church and lecturer at the Baptist Theological College, led a discussion on Personal Holiness. Jonathan Veeren, an attorney and council member at Christ Church Blairgowrie led a discussion on Work and Faith.

Praise God for an edifying weekend! Pray that the hundreds of gospel conversations over the weekend would bear fruit and that those who attended would take the Bible handling skills they’ve been equipped with into their churches and their regular Bible reading.


Engage is our campus fellowship that meets during term time. We seek to engage meaningfully with one another, addressing compelling issues and hearing the Christian perspective through the Bible. There’s time for discussion, food and fun.

Pray for us as we grapple with hard and uncomfortable topics over the semester. Pray that newcomers are drawn in and plugged into a group in which they’re confronted with the gospel of grace. Pray that our core continues to be edified and equipped to engage with others on these issues.