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Luke-ing Unto Jesus

Embark on a exploration of the Gospel of Luke with this 24-day study plan. Delve into the rich narrative and teachings of Luke, gaining a profound understanding of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Each day is designed to guide you through key passages, reflections, and thought-provoking questions, fostering a deeper connection with the wisdom embedded in the text.​



The book of Leviticus opens by immediately reminding us of this problem: “The Lord called to Moses from the tent” (Lev 1). Moses’ inability to enter the tent is an image of the relational rift between God and Israel. How can God’s people, who have proven selfish and rebellious, be reconciled to the holy God? or put differently, how can a sinful people relate with a Holy God? That’s what the book of Leviticus is all about— how God graciously provides a way for sinful, corrupt people to live in his holy presence.